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Mehta Brothers (Pvt) Ltd is a trading and indenting house of more than 35 years in Pakistan and caters to a diverse spectrum of industries predominantly including the animal nutrition, foundry, cement, cosmetics and surface finishing industries. We ensure all segments are catered to efficiently and customers have access to a strong portfolio of products that ensure smooth running of operations. Over the past three decades Mehta Brothers has garnered for itself a reputation of reliability, quality, and dependability.
Our vision at Mehta Brothers (Pvt) Ltd is to become a top-tier global organization providing quality and diversity in products to our clientele. Our vision is supported by an integrated set of core values and business principles geared towards creating a symbiotic relationship with our valued customers. Our values and principles define the way we work and the services we provide.
Mehta Brothers (Pvt) Ltd has at its disposal a team of experienced salespeople which are able to efficiently and actively market our products throughout Pakistan through a network of branch offices located across the country. Mehta Brothers (Pvt) Ltd employs the help of highly technical, experienced personnel which are suited to optimize operations for clients and provide general engineering solutions which help businesses run smoothly and successfully. Mehta Brothers’ promise of quality ensures its clients receive products which are best suited to their needs.

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